Demo DayBrooke Summerlin prefers to live life all out of order and sometimes all at once. She was a wife at 17, a college freshman at 24, and a mother at 25. After following her husband to southern California in 2003 during his 4-year stint in the US Marines, she returned to Virginia. In 2011, Brooke welcomed a baby girl, naming her after the most beautiful princess in all of fantasy: Arwen Evenstar. In doing so, Brooke was no longer able to cloak her nerdliness under the guise of cool nonchalance.

After graduating from Radford University in 2015, Brooke struggled with one of America’s most universal questions: Should I pursue my passions or a paycheck? Brooke eventually settled on the former after a year in Corporate America threatened to snuff out her soul and wreck her body with stress-induced immunodeficiency.

Currently, Brooke is working as a professional voiceover actor. She has recently recorded her latest demo with Voice Coaches in Albany, NY. Brooke has always loved to use her voice creatively. Growing up, she was classically trained in both Italian arias and German lieder. She participated in several religious and secular choirs, including the Roanoke Valley Children’s Choir and the Virginia Opera. As a teenager, she lent her voice as a volunteer with WVTF’s subsidiary station, reading newspapers on-air to the blind.

Although she uses the term loosely, Brooke considers herself a writer. She has written short stories, poems, novellas, critical essays, articles, and even a speculation script. Her novella, True Magic, was awarded “Best Multi-chapter Fanfiction” in the 2013 Once Upon a Fan Awards. Her essay, The Beast Must Die, was also awarded “Best Fan Theory.” All of her fanfiction can be found on Fanfiction.com under her pseudonym, “A Petal on the Rose.” In 2013, she drafted a Once Upon a Time speculation script, “The Land of Shadow.” She’s fairly certain a digital copy of her script lies in some ABC Internship Director’s “Recycle Bin.”

Brooke currently works as a voiceover actor, freelance writer, editor, and mystery shopper.


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