Hello, Demo!

ALBANYRoad trip, anyone? Spending 22 out of 48 hours on I-81 (infamous for its tractor-trailer dense traffic jams) might not appeal to everyone, but it sounds like fun to me! My motto is:

“All you need is a full tank of gas and a healthy sense of adventure!”

Throw in a couple of perks – dinner with a friend (Adrianne, you are a star in the kitchen!) and recording session in a professional studio – and I’m all in.

The VoiceCoaches.com studio, which shares the same space with White Lake Music & Post, has to have been the best studio I’ve ever had the pleasure of recording in. Most recording studios I’ve worked with in my experience have been utilitarian at best: a simple composite counter, a mic, a pop filter, headphones, etc., all blending together in various shades of beige.

However, the Voice Coaches studio pops with personality. The individual recording booths are styled with trendy, contemporary colors and vintage posters. The sound absorbing panels on the walls are carved into interesting abstract shapes. Rich, leather couches and chairs are available for guests and creative professionals who need to sit in on the session. And White Lake’s live music recording room is bedecked in an Adirondack Mountains theme. Exposed pinewood lumber is found on every wall, giving the room a bright, folksy feel. You can even smell the pine when you enter the room. It was fantastic!

During my session, I had the pleasure to record my latest demo on a Neumann U microphone. It was without a doubt, the best mic I have ever encountered. It picked up even the slightest click in my mouth, which given my pre-session jitters worked to my disadvantage for the first few takes.  Can you say, “Pass the Granny Smith Apple, please?”

After working through a bit of nervousness, betrayed only by my biology and not my demeanor, I was able to tackle most of the pieces of copy in a single take. Holy One-Off, Batman! I was able to get a few good laughs out of my producer, Tom Robinson, and Nate, who sat in on our session to provide some great insights. Even with the slow start and a ten-minute A/C break in the middle, we finished the session with 15 minutes to spare. Whew!

One of the highlights of the session was meeting David Bourgeoius, the President and Creative Director of both Voice Coaches and White Lake Music & Post. Having arrived a few minutes early for my session, Mr. Robinson offered to give me a tour of the facility. I met Mr. Bourgeoius as he was preparing for another artist to come and record in the studio. I introduced myself, and he was complimentary and encouraged me multiple times to submit my finished demo. (Okay, so it looked like he’d been struck by lightning from Heaven at the sound of my voice, but I don’t wanna brag too much, ya know?) That’s an encounter I’ll refer back to during those dark days of endless “Thank you, but no…” rejection letters. Perseverance!

Anyway, the demo is currently in post-production in the hands of my trusted producers and engineers. I’m so excited to share my latest demo with you all. Be prepared for another post soon once I can post the file online! Until next time…
Demo Day
This is Brooke Summerlin. Thank you for listening!

Please send all inquiries regarding voice-over acting to bsummerlin27@gmail.com.


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