To Blog or Not To Blog?

You know, I’ve really agonized about this blog: the title, the layout, the topics, the quality of the writing. But in all honesty, I’m probably one of the world’s worst bloggers. I rarely post, and I don’t know that I’ve exactly pinpointed what this blog is supposed to be about. Is it about me? Faith? Fantasy? My so-called “writing?”  So, the topics are varied, updates sporadic, and the layout/formatting is not ideal.

I think I’ve read hundreds of articles talking about how writers/creative people need to build their “brand” online. Create an online presence and cultivate an online fan-base. This way when you finally convince some muckety-muck with the power to jumpstart your creative career to actually read your work then they will shower you with money and contracts. Really? Can I insert the “not buying it” emoticon? Where the heck is that thing? No really, where is it? I’m just awful at this technological stuff.

As far as I can tell, branding hurts like heck. I’d rather not emblazon my hide (biological or technological) with an iron-hot poker. It’s like that person you know who got that tattoo they thought was friggin’ awesome, but you’re just praying they don’t ask you for your honest opinion. Maybe I’m not ready to set myself in a specific brand. I don’t even have anything awesome for you to read Mr./Ms. Muckety-Muck.

So, what I’ve decided is simply to write. Maybe not every day. Maybe every other day. And I’m not going to edit myself too much. Some pieces will be more polished than others. Some will have cohesive theses, introductions, conclusions…shoot…I may even throw in some cool pictures. But more often you’ll get posts like this where I just let my mind wander and babble on about…whatever. Call it my “territories blog” or my “training wheels.” Ignore it or post a comment as you like. 

I just want to write more. And the hope is that the more I write, the better it will get.  



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