Ice Skating, a Misadventure

My friend and I spent a week giggling nervously about the upcoming humiliation awaiting us at the Roanoke Civic Center’s public ice skating rink. Certain we would fall flat on our keisters and earn the derision of gloating passersby, we bravely donned our gloves and scarves. No matter how many bruises we earned, it would be fun to break from the monotony of winter movie marathons.

And we weren’t the only ones who thought so. Pulling into the parking lot, we marveled at how few spaces remained. Flocks of children, parents and older siblings in tow, scurried toward the entrance. I exchanged worried glances with my friend as we eyed the crowd waiting for admission. I’ve seen shorter lines at Disney’s Space Mountain.

I snuck down the stairs to scout the situation on the rink, and what I saw brought joy to my heart. There, gliding on the ice, were hundreds of smiling people, hand in hand and connecting with each other, sans social media. Take that, Facebook.

The rink was filled to capacity, so we didn’t get to skate.  But when this popular program returns in September, I’ll be there.  And I’ll probably tweet a picture of it.

Post appeared as a Cornershot in the Extra Section of The Roanoke Times newspaper on February 10, 2014.

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