My Life…in Storybrooke

Help! There’s been an invasion—a Storybrooke invasion! As I drive through the streets of the Roanoke Valley, I can’t help but notice bits and pieces of the fictional town depicted on Once Upon a Time, Storybrooke, Maine. It could be something as inconspicuous as a street corner, the row of quaint little shops lining either side of Main St., or the local eatery whose name blatantly references a favorite fairy-tale, but my little hometown is seasoned with all the flavor of Once Upon a Time.

So, now that Once is on summer hiatus, I’m forced to seek out my daily dose of whimsy in other sources. And I’m noticing, more than ever, the number of fairy tale references around town. I never realized how magical one little city could be. I swear, it’s as if the citizens of Storybrooke have taken up residence in this little mountain valley for the duration of the summer. And I welcome them, one and all!

Last week, I went on a little scavenger hunt looking for bits of the Roanoke Valley which reflect Storybrooke. I had three or four destinations in mind, but as I drove around town, I was amazed by the sheer number of fairytale-esque businesses and landmarks. Below is just a sampling of possible Storybrooke manifestations.

Bad Wolf BBQ

Bad Wolf BBQ Ruby is expanding Granny’s brand by exploring her long-time love for little piggies.

Coach & Four Restaurant

Coach and Four 2Coach and Four

All the Royals eat here. Reservations advised.

Cinderella’s Carriage

?????????? Who needs a limo? Go to the Homecoming Ball in style with a pumpkin-for-hire.


Charlotte’s Web Antique Mall

Charlotte's Web Charlotte finally decided to clean out that cluttered barn.

Happy’s Flea Market


When smiles come free, no one leaves this swap meet empty-handed.


The Pirate Sip

Pirate Sip 1 Pirate Sip 2 This dive has a one-handed bartender who can make a mean Cosmopolitan.

The Mill Mountain Star

Roanoke Star 1 Roanoke Star 2

We even have our very own star to wish upon. Sometimes, it’s blue!

Has Storybrooke invaded your hometown? If so, send me a picture at I would love to see your favorite fairy-tale hangouts, eateries, shops, and landmarks. I might even feature your pictures in a future blog entry. Chances are if you look for magic, you’ll find it.

Blessings, Brooke

Original date of publication: May 29, 2013


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